Studio Information Displays

Our studio information display system allows large or small radio/television/new media studios and broadcast centres to display up to date operational information to users without central server infrastructure and at a competitive price.


Display template example #1

Display template example #2

Display template example #3

Studio Information Display in one of the audio studios at The Telegraph newspaper.

The Studio Information Display system has been born out of the need for a lower cost information display system for TV Studios and Control Rooms and has the following core features:

  • Discreet hardware suitable for mounting directly onto the rear of displays, wired ethernet and HDMI connections.
  • Template driven display system; Templates are created or altered on request by Multilink Broadcast. Template options such as colours, timezones and logos are end-user configurable.
  • Web-based configuration; All displays can be configured by accessing their IP address on the network (displayed for 30 seconds when the unit is powered).
  • Display Messaging System; All displays talk to each other, a GPI or a Tally message sent to one display is available to all the others automatically, this delivers a significant cost saving on licensing and wiring.
  • Integration with TSL Tally Protocol compatible control systems; Validated in real-world use with Axon Cerebrum and has been tested with VSM. Indicator illumination and text can be easily updated by existing control systems this way.
  • GPI Support; Each display can support four contact closures. These can be used for indicators on that display and/or are available for other displays to use via the automatic display messaging system.
  • GPO Support; Not included as default but can be added on request to new orders and can be used to drive external indicator lights and other logic devices.

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