No, its NOT Zoom!

We don’t look for easy answers we look for the best solutions, that is why we are very proud to announce our new achievement!

Noticing the need for a broadcast level internet call system, we set to work on Multilink Connect.

  • Scalable platform for large numbers of concurrent guests.
  • Cross-platform; you just require a web browser on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop with individual logins for each caller.
  • Full-screen single caller and mosaic outputs available as 3G-SDI, all controllable using our desktop software.
  • Sub-second latency send and receive video and audio.
  • Control colour, exposure and sound on the remote caller’s devices.

After extensive R&D, we have now rolled out into the real world having our first live production on the Formula E Accelerate show series. They required a platform that could be used not only for guest style video phone-ins but also to provide “on board” cameras and 2-way interviews for 20+ Sim drivers!

With a multitude of options for quality, latency, audio levels and client end device control this platform performs to meet high broadcast quality expectations, using best in class video codecs without the risk of ever showing a mouse cursor or notification on screen!

Please get in touch for more information we will be more than happy to take you through things or arrange a demonstration.