Transmission Refresh for Tata & Formula E

Ahead of the forthcoming 2022 season, Multilink were pleased to be involved in refreshing and refining the event end transmission facilities, helping Tata and Formula E to go on-air.

This was all turned around within an unusually tight timeline of less than a month including procurement, design and installation allowing the 5 racked container and auxiliaries to be ready for their journey to the Valencia test event. With worldwide semiconductor shortages continuing to affect the supply chain, Multilink worked directly with manufacturers to adapt the design utilising equipment that was available in the timescales required.

The efficient use of real estate and weight is always high on the agenda for this type of build, keeping equipment compact but operationally safe, maintainable and ergonomic was key. As with all our projects, the system was handed over with a full set of drawings, documentation and an end to end test on all infrastructure.