MCR Pod Design and Build

Multilink Broadcast is pleased to again be part of the second years use of a flyaway MCR pod which is about to start its 4th race this year. Fitted out by Multilink Broadcast this MCR pod is used on a major worldwide motorsport contract with our dedicated crew.

The free issued container is based on an air freight compatible ULD and contains 6 equipment racks, monitoring, air conditioning and operator space.



The pod was fitted out to a tight timescale, from confirmation of successful bid in early December 2016. The broadcast system was designed by Multilink Broadcast and our wiring team had it completed by the end of January 2017, with all cabling given a clean bill of health with TDR and bandwidth checks on all infrastructure.


Built to futureproof for UHD/4K content distribution as well as existing HD & SD services, all new infrastructure is 3G ready based on a SAM/Grass Valley Vega 192 port router and Lynx Technik 5000 series modular infrastructure to serve customers now and in the future. Multilink have a long-standing relationship with both SAM and Lynx Technik amongst others which made the tight deadlines over the festive period easier to manage.


The design is highly resilient to power or equipment faults with auto failover between separate UPS systems and signal failure protection for multilateral feeds.


As with all our projects, we design with thought given to future expansion and long-term supportability whether that is by our own team or third parties. Tidy A3 printable drawings to avoid large unwieldy printouts for support engineers, cable schedules, panel layouts, configuration documentation and equipment flight manifests were also provided for this project.