Video system upgrade for indigo at The O2

We’re pleased to confirm the successful installation of a new core video system for indigo at The O2, a multi-use venue inside The O2 on the Greenwich peninsula which was completed in April of this year.

The Indigo has had strong video capabilities for a long time, with multiple HD remote cameras, the ability to do live video and audio mixing, streaming and recording of cameras and third-party content, while driving a plethora of displays around the venue. With a multitude of sources, destinations and wide-ranging requirements depending on each event, the core video infrastructure now has the capability to be used long into the future.

Multilink worked with indigo at The O2 to produce a design that would fit with their requirements, migrating existing equipment into a new rack, and introducing a Ross Ultrix 64×64 router to provide fully flexible video/audio routing with video and audio fibre IO and MADI audio to interface with the new QSC Q-Sys sound control system. This has enabled audio to be easily shared between the audio and video worlds, and ISO camera recordings to have relevant audio embedded automatically.

This system will now support the indigo for many years with capacity for additional sources and destinations to be added from the CTP as required.